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Based on 15 years of observation, work and interaction with thousands of parents, high school students, and college-age young people through intensive seminars, workshops and presentations.

Early in his career, Steve Anderson noticed that many of his fellow university graduates went through extensive employment trial and error that cost them several years (an average of seven) of delay in settling into careers. With determination to help high school and college students to avoid this experience, he founded an intensive week-long training program taught at training centers and college campuses all over North America for students to help them get a head start in life.

With the opportunity to interact with thousands of students from across the continent, he discovered that much of the lack of direction that is characteristic of young people has its roots in the youths’ interchanges with conscientious and thoughtful parents, coaches, advisors and other adults in positions of influence. Some or all of these were unknowingly causing the young people to develop habits that can cause delays in career development.

With a great depth of experience interacting with students, the author documented in a book the things he discovered so that parents would be sensitive to potential mistakes before they are committed.

Here are some of the things you’ll discover in this book:

  • What parental actions cause young people to lack motivation. Chapter 6
  • How parents subconsciously affect young people’s choice of friends. Chapter 8
  • What can be done to make young people more self-reliant. Chapter 9
  • What parental actions cause young people to develop approval addiction. Chapter 5
  • How to keep young people from allowing “average” to be acceptable. Chapter 6
  • How parents cause young people to take everything they have for granted. Chapter 1
  • What can be done to help young people enjoy being conscientious workers. Chapter 12
  • How to show young people the right path without seeming to be overbearing. Chapter 4

Anyone can benefit from the contents of this book. It gives a guide to any adult who interacts with young people that can’t be found anywhere else.

Additional notes:

This book is a must for all parents of children of any age. It provides the perfect guide to reinforce important lessons that many do not discover until later in life.

Book specs:

  • 200 pages
  • Hard cover
  • Price: $19.95
  • Publisher: The Yes Press – Dallas, Texas 1-888-276-9655
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